Selling a House with Mold in Orlando

Selling a House with Mold in Orlando and How to Deal With it Mold is one of the most misunderstood issues in houses today, which makes Selling a House with Mold in Orlando sometimes tricky. It can be very costly to mess with. If your house has mold, can you sell it? Newsflash: Mold is everywhere. … Continued

Selling a House As-Is in Orlando

Selling a House As-Is in Orlando Every property owner in this city will come to a point where he asks about selling a house As-Is in Orlando. The basic question is “Should I repair or update my house before I sell?”. Each owner is unique, and the answer to the questions may be different for … Continued

Is Hiring An Agent in Orlando REALLY Worth It?

Searching for a local agent is the first thing many people do when they consider selling their house. While agents can be an awesome asset when selling your house, it is not the only strategy you should think about. With a little homework, you can sell your house successfully by yourself, saving time and money overall. … Continued

The New Way To Sell Your Home in Orlando

Are you planning on selling your Orlando house? Before you commit to an agent or try to sell it on your own, learn about the new way to sell your home in Orlando! For many, selling a Orlando house will likely involve the MLS and the help of a local agent. Before taking this route, … Continued

Selling Your House Without An Agent in FL

In today’s world, everyone does everything without expensive professional services. People trade stocks without a stockbroker. People create wills and trusts without attorneys. Many even remodel homes without contractors. As self-sufficient as everyone is, why wouldn’t you want to look at the benefits of selling your house without an agent in FL? Saving Money Simply … Continued

time to sell | happy asian family

How To Know When It’s Time to Sell in Orlando

Some people stay in their house because the idea of selling hasn’t even occurred to them. While the house might not be meeting their needs, the idea of moving is a distant thought. We become so comfortable in our houses, that we fail to remember that we don’t have to live there forever! How do you know … Continued

Holiday Themed Open House | christmas fireplace

Creative Holiday Themed Open House Ideas for Orlando

If you are trying to sell a Orlando house during the winter months, you might want to incorporate a few festive touches into your open house. We have put together some creative holiday themed open house ideas to help you sell your Orlando house fast! When done correctly, the holiday season can actually be a great time to sell … Continued

tax tips for selling | 1040 form

Tax Tips For Selling Your Orlando House!

It’s almost that time of year… yes, tax season is almost upon us! If you are selling a house in Orlando, you will love these tax tips for selling your home! This article is for informational purposes only! For specific questions, contact a trusted tax professional, or the IRS!  Not All Profits Are Taxable As long … Continued